The Best Jeep Trails in Virginia for Off-Roaders and Trailblazers

Jeep driving through an off-road trail in Virginia

Off-roading is a fun activity that allows people to test their driving skills, sense of direction, and vehicles’ capabilities. Virginia has a wide assortment of trails that are suitable for all skill levels and vehicle types. So, whether you are a veteran trailblazer or a novice off-roader, VA has the perfect trail for you!

When deciding on which trails to hit first, you should have a look at the map below and plan your route so you can visit multiple trails during one trip. This can save you a lot of miles and time and you will get the most out of your off-roading experience.

Even after visiting Virginias trails dozens of times, I still get overwhelmed with the variety of options to choose from.

Do I want to spend the day driving through the Green Hills of Southwest VA? Or should I blaze through the Potts Mountain Jeep Trail in Central Virginia? These are just a couple of trails I love to visit when in Virginia.

*WARNING: Before you go out on any trails, please read through my list of essentials here. I could save your life!

Below I’ve put together a list of the Top Off-Road Trails in Virginia for Jeeps and 4×4’s.

The Best Off-Road Jeep Trails in Virginia

  1. Potts Mountain Jeep Trail
  2. Mountain View Spearhead Trail
  3. Big Levels Blue Ridge Trail
  4. Chaos Off-Road Park
  5. King Knob Motorsports Park
  6. Rocky Run Trail
  7. Flagpole Knob
  8. Peter’s Mill Run and Tasker’s Gap Loop Trail
  9. Moto Cove ATV Trail
  10. Kairos Resort
  11. Cold Spring Bald Mountain Trail
  12. Long Run Road
  13. Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route

Here are details on the routes that can help you discover and experience the great outdoors in Virginia.

Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

Potts Mountain Jeep Trail is also known as Forest Service Road 5036. With a couple of steep drops along the side of a narrow road lined with boulders, even the most seasoned jeep adventurers will find their hearts pounding. This challenging route is not meant for the faint of heart. Beware of steep slopes and big jagged rocks. This off-road route is meant for the most daring and ardent enthusiasts.

There are several points along with the view where you will find spectacular panoramas of the Virginia countryside.

Make sure your ride is in the right state before taking on this arduous quest. You will need winching capabilities, all-terrain tires, and high clearance suspension to avoid the jagged rocks.

If this still does appease your adventurous instincts, then look out for black arrows along the side of the trail that point towards even more grueling courses for those who dare.

Mountain View Spearhead Trail

They don’t call it Virginia’s most exciting trail destination for nothing. Here, you will find a mixed bag of routes for all difficulty levels. There are numerous challenging routes that you can embark on to be rewarded with scenic vistas of the grand countryside.

Located amid the Appalachia Mountains, this jeep trail is equally good for dirt bikes and ATVs.

There is so much to see, explore and discover along the 188 miles of the Mountain View Spearhead Trail. The trail will take you through an amazing diversity of verdant forests

You can visit the ATV-friendly St. Paul, where you can rest and recover once you are done for the day.

Make sure that you visit the park’s website for instructions. Here you can buy permits that happen to be available online only. You cant enter the area without a permit, so make sure that you get one from the website before leaving.

Big Levels Blue Ridge Trail

The 24-kilometer long trail is another challenging trail that will require a skilled trailblazer to navigate. Since traffic is light, you will not be annoyed by others getting in the way of your fun.

The best season for traversing this trail is between April and October. During the cold winter months, this track is closed.

Although it is not the easiest track around, it is nevertheless a lot of fun and certainly worth your time. There are plenty of sharp turns together with big rocks, so you should make sure that you have a winch in case you get stuck.

Chaos Off-Road Park

Seasoned trailblazers and newbies alike will find much to enjoy in the 400 acres of sheer natural beauty that is to be found in the Chaos Off-Road Park.

Bear in mind that the park is not open for trailblazing most of the time. Access is available only on certain weekends, so you should check the Facebook page to ensure it is open before setting out on your trip. You will have to buy a weekend pass or a day pass.

There is also a great camping site to stop over and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the place.

Jeep trail at the King Knob Motorsports ParkKing Knob Motorsports Park

Its jeep trails galore at King Knob Motorsports Park with its 200 miles of trail in West Virginia. The trail is also known as Stewart’s Run. The trail winds through 1300 acres of greenery, mud holes, forest, rock gardens, and play areas as well. You will also find several ponds in the area that are ideal for swimming.

Access to the park is allowed only on certain weekends. So make sure that you check up on that before setting out. You can purchase weekend or day passes either online or at the park itself.

Rocky Run Trail

The Rocky Run Trail is a 10-mile long loop trail. The trail is open to Jeeps, dune buggies, SUVs, UTVs, and ATVs, so you can have fun with any choice of vehicle. The good news is that it remains open all year round and not just on weekends, unlike some other trails.

There are spots along the trail that are designated for camping. However, you cant pitch your tent at the trailhead. Although there are easy and wide portions, there are narrow twisting routes like the one between Dictum Ridge and Second Mountain.

Flagpole Knob

You can embark on Forest Road 85 to surmount the summit of Flagpole Knob. The trail snakes its way through the Allegheny Mountains, which is close to the Virginia border. Trail difficulty is quite high with its steep and rough track.

Besides jeeps and other off-road vehicles, the trail is open to mountain bikers and hikers.

Peter’s Mill Run and Tasker’s Gap Loop Trail

This trail is the biggest OHV complex in Virginia. Although there is an emphasis on OHV and all-terrain vehicles, you can do very well in a Jeep. Jeep junkies will have little trouble along the route except for having to patiently crawl at a slow pace along the rocky path. Make sure that there is plenty of clearance from the wheels so that the vehicle does not take damage.

Since there is not much traffic along the 12.7-kilometer route, you will not have to deal too frequently with other drivers.

While it is easy to traverse most of the time, at some points, there are sharp twists and turns. Overall, this is a great track of moderate difficulty that should not be too hard for Jeepers.

Along Peters Mill Run, you will come across a few creek crossings.

Tasker’s Gap has trails both easy and hard, so you can make a choice depending on your mood.

The first 2 miles of the trail are especially daunting since there are lots of rocks along the way. Make sure that your vehicle has plenty of ground clearance to avoid damage from sharp rocks.

Although it’s not too busy here, things do get slippery when it rains. Stock vehicles should be able to get through though with some challenges along the way.

The trail is closed to off-road vehicles from January to March. During this time, equestrians, mountain bikers, and hikers are free to roam the trail.

Make sure that you have a permit before arriving at the site. Motorists have to pay a fee for entering the site, while non-motorized folks may come in free of charge.

Moto Cove ATV Trail

Moto Cover ATV Trail spans 60 miles long with 4 loops comprising of one-way trails. While on these trails, you will roam through dense forest and run into plenty of obstructions, including trenches, mud puddles, loose rocks, steep hills, and boulders.

If you are new to the art of jeep driving, you may want to first take on the 2-mile beginner loop. Know that the main trail is suitable for skilled drivers.

The trail remains open from 9 am to 5 pm the whole year-round. You can drive whichever off-road vehicles you prefer like Jeeps, SUVs, SXS, UTV, and ATVs.

There are plenty of attractions and amenities at the campground including a convenience store, boat ramp, cabins, RV hookups, a beach where you can swim, and lots of spacious sites for camping.

Kairos Resort

Kairos Resort covers over 1500 acres from the New River all the way to the Appalachians. Thrillseekers will relish the 40 miles of trail that will take them through lush forests with rocks, boulders, and mud puddles along the way.

The family-friendly resort can be a fun place for you and your loved ones with its facilities for boating, fishing, and swimming. You can also go hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding on separate paths. No matter which route you take, you are sure to witness the rich Virginian countryside in all its pristine glory.

UTV rentals are available on site.

You should visit the website to get a pass online before arriving there.

Cold Spring Bald Mountain Trail

Situated close to Stuarts Draft in Virginia, the Cold Spring Bald Mountain Trail spans over 16 kilometers. The point-to-point trail has moderate traffic, so you won’t have much trouble with too many people getting in your way.

One great thing about this scenic destination is that there is a profusion of wildflowers for you to admire. Driving difficulty is rated as moderate so you should have too many problems here.

Besides off-road vehicles, you can also go mountain biking and hiking. It’s best to roam this place from April to November. You can also bring your dog along.

Note that this place is closed during the winter months.

Here, you can go for a nice drive through the Virginian mountains. There will be some water crossings along the way. When it’s not raining, they won’t be too deep, so crossing them should be straightforward.

Long Run Road

At 25.1 kilometers, Long Run Road is not the longest road you will run into, but you will certainly have lots of fun. You may want to enjoy a fun run on this point-to-point trail that passes close to Fulks Run.

The Long Run Road is also a good place for seeing wildlife, particularly birds.

It is best to go trailblazing here from March till September.

Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route

The Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route takes you deep into the Virginian landscape. With its 1720 kilometer point-to-point trail, you will become quite familiar with the Virginian countryside and wildlife.

Besides using off-road vehicles, you can also go trekking on nature trips here. Although jeeps are best, adventure bikes are not a bad choice either.

If you are intent on traversing the whole length of this long trail, then make sure that you have at least one week’s supply and a jerry can of fuel. It’s not the toughest route, but it sure is extremely long.

If you can’t wait to hit the dirt track in Virginia, make sure that you visit the best jeep trails in Virginia, as shown above, for your next jeep escapade.

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