The 20 Funniest Jeep Memes and Jokes of All Time!

The internet is full of interesting memes. Hence, it is not too hard to find funny Jeep memes that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

*WARNING: Before you go out on any trails, please read through my list of essentials here. I could save your life!

Funny Jeep Memes

Here are some of the funniest Jeep memes that are sure to make you laugh.

  • Teach Your Child the Love of Jeep, and They Will Never Have Money for Drugs.
  • Well, It Looked Easy When the Damn Jeep Did It….
  • Did You Know if You Step on the Gas and Brakes at the Same Time, Your JL Will Take a Screenshot?
  • If It Says Jeep on It, Its a Jeep (What Every New Renegade Owner Says)
  • I Lost 250 Pounds by Switching to Summer
  • When You Love Your Girl…. But She Has a Drinking Problem (When Filling Jeep with Gas)
  • There Are Two Types of People in This World. People Who Love Jeeps and People Who Are Wrong.
  • But Officer… Jeeps Do It All the Time (Person in a Car with No Doors Speaking to Officer)
  • You Can Go Fast; I Can Go Anywhere
  • Its a Hybrid, It Burns Gas and Oil
  • Paved Roads – Another Fine Example of Unnecessary Government Spending.
  • I May Get Lost, but I’ll Never Get Stuck

Funny Jeep Jokes

If that wasn’t enough, here are some Jeep jokes that will surely leave you laughing

  • A man buys a gorgeous diamond ring for his wife. Hearing about it, a friend of his said “But she said that she wanted a Jeep for her wedding anniversary gift”. The man replied, “But how could I find her a fake Jeep?”
  • 4 Blondes are planning to sit inside a Jeep. Guess what they started arguing about? Who will sit next to the windows?
  • What kind of vehicles do roadrunners like? Jeep Jeep
  • What was written on the license plate of a black Jeep? BAA BAA
  • There were 2 hunters riding a Jeep. They planned on hunting bears. But no sooner did they come upon a narrow road and saw this sign “Bear Left”. They went back home.
  • A very big accident happened at the army base. A jeep hit a popcorn bag. It killed an untold number of kernels.
  • How was the Jeep ride in the video game? A little buggy.
  • A car has just rear-ended a Jeep in England. 2 big Americans get out of the Jeep, go towards the car that hit them, pull out the fellow from within and start bashing him up. “Stop it, fellows, this is England, you know”, he pleads. But they don’t listen to him and keep on thrashing him. “Good Lord, you must be a bunch of imbeciles. You are in England, and the driver is sitting in the other seat.”

Brief History of the Jeep

Jeep is a brand that includes crossovers as well as SUVs. These are some of the capable off-road vehicles consumers can buy. There are also certain models that are built for comfort – these include the Grand Cherokee and the Renegade. Jeep is an automaker in the Stellantis group that includes automakers like Ram, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Dodge, Chrysler, and Fiat.

Toyota and GMC are the main rivals of the iconic Jeep.

If you are interested in finding a vehicle that can handle difficult rocky terrain with finesse, then you can rely on the Jeep. In fact, one of the first brands that come to mind when thinking about off-road adventures is the iconic Jeep. This vehicle maker has to its credit a long list of SUVs and trucks that were commercially successful.

As a result, the term Jeep is so ubiquitous that it has come to define a genre rather than just another brand. In fact, the word Jeep is used for just about any off-road vehicle even if it is not really a Jeep.

Jeep traces its history back to World War 2. Ford and Willys-Overland mass-produced these vehicles in large numbers for the US army’s use. It is not certain how this vehicle came to be called a Jeep.

First Jeeps Ever

The first Jeep built for civilian use was introduced in the middle of the 1940s. It incorporated several features that were not a part of the military vehicle. These included the spare tire mounted on the side, the external fuel cap, and the tailgate. It was promoted as a vehicle for construction workers and farmers.

These vehicles soon became popular with the general public. Newer improved models were launched in the 1950s. One of these was the CJ-5. Starting in the earlier part of the 1950s, this vehicle was mass-produced for 3 decades and thus had the longest history for any Jeep model. During 1953, the brand also switched owners.

When the Wagoneer was launched during the 60s, it proved to be a tremendous success. This was a 4-wheel drive model that had an automatic transmission. It was marketed as a vehicle for active families.

American Motors Corp

The company changed owners again in the 1970s. American Motors Corporation bought the brand for Kaiser. New models such as the Scrambler and the CJ-7 were launched. It was the first 4-wheel drive vehicle that featured an automatic transmission. This was when the Jeep brand really soared in popularity since 4-wheel drive automobiles were being sold in increasingly large numbers.

Wrangler and Cherokee

In the 1980s, two very popular models were introduced – the Wrangler and the Cherokee. The Wrangler and Cherokee proved to be one of the most well-known SUVs. They both had excellent off-road capabilities, while the Cherokee also had a high-end luxury interior.

The Wrangler was made as a replacement for the CJ series starting in 1987. The brand also changed hands once more as it was sold to Chrysler.

The Jeep brand has recently launched new models for the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler, which will bring in plenty of new fans for this renowned automotive brand.

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