Can A Jeep Wrangler Pull A Horse Trailer?

wondering if a wrangler can tow a horse trailer

If you are an owner of a Jeep Wrangler you’re already probably aware of how multipurpose your whip is. From being able to drive down steep terrains to assisting in practical work, Wranglers can do it all. In fact, if you already own this vehicle, you are also probably aware of the heavy lifting these machines are capable of. Usually, the type of jeep you pick often determines the kind of work you’ll be able to get done, carefully and efficiently.

Especially when it comes to moving around big vehicles such as trailers, drivers must be wary of the equipment they’ll need. In cases of moving giant horse trailers, they must be aware of their own safety, the animal’s safety, and pedestrians on the streets. Numerous questions might need answers before you begin the relocation.

Things to Know Before Towing with Your Jeep

If you are a true Jeep enthusiast and love to spend your time off work wandering into the woods and going off-roading with your friends, towing capacity is probably among the first few things that catch your attention. Of course, if you’re planning to tow a horse trailer, the towing capacity becomes all the more important.

The Jeep Wrangler has an extremely high towing capacity that is ideal for moving heavy equipment and a horse trailer usually fits the bill. In order to determine whether your vehicle has the ability to move heavy machinery, you should find out your gross combined weight rating. This sum will tell you the amount of weight your car is capable of carrying without any issues. The total tells you the weight including the weight of the car, passengers, the trailer, and the cargo within it. If you already have an estimate for this figure, it shouldn’t be hard to calculate the amount of weight your car will be able to carry.

How to Tell if Your Jeep Can Tow?

Jeeps essentially are the ultimate 4×4 cars to get – they are incredibly versatile! Though they are a lot of fun when it comes to driving off-road; for people with a lot of practical applications, it’s important to consider how much their jeep can carry. Usually, jeep models are able to lift around 1000 to 7500 pounds, depending on the model. For example, the Jeep Gladiator is capable of pulling a maximum of 7,700 pounds, followed by the Commander that can pull 7,400 pounds.

However, like all makes, some Jeeps have a higher towing capacity than others. The more powerful their engines, the more likely they are to be able to pull. A good example of this might be the Grand Cherokee, which has a 6.4-liter engine and is capable of towing about 7,200 pounds. Since that number is quite high, it is understood that the Grand Cherokee can pull things such as small boats, trailers, etc. On the other hand, with a similar engine, the Gladiator is able to pull a massive 7,650 pounds with ease.

This is a useful tool to have, especially if you’re on an outdoor venture or always on the move. Bigger jeeps with stronger engines will help you relocate boats, horse trailers, RV’s, etc.

Can My Jeep Wrangler Tow a Horse Trailer?

Since a Jeep Wrangler has a smaller engine, it might not be able to do such heavy-duty tasks as the Gladiator or the Grand Cherokee. The maximum a Wrangler can carry is between 3,500 to 4,000 pounds, which varies depending on the year and trim.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of how much your Wrangler can tow, have a look at the manual provided. However, for estimation purposes, a trailer weighs around 100 pounds per foot. So depending on the size of the trailer, you can calculate whether your Wrangler can do the job. Most likely, if the trailer is around 10-feet and empty, you can probably get it across town but this doesn’t include the cargo. So, if you add a horse into the equation, you might be pushing it.

The simple answer to this question is: no. The problem here is that because Jeep Wranglers have a towing capacity of up to 4,000 pounds that would include the car itself, the passengers within, the trailer as well as the horse or horses in cargo, this sum would exceed the limit.

Horse trailers, unlike regular trailers, are heavy and usually end up weighing around 1500 to 2000 pounds on their own, without any cargo. An addition of a horse would add an extra 1000 to 1500 pounds and you are much likely to exceed the limit.

examples to avoid when towing with a WranglerTowing Over the Limit

We would never advise you to go overcapacity. Simply because by doing so, not only are you putting your own life in danger but also that of the passengers, other vehicles on the road and the animal in care.

Based on its structure, suspension, engine, and axles, the Wrangler earned its GVWR. However, unless major changes were to be made to all these features within the Wrangler, it’s unlikely that you would be able to get by smoothly. Not only would this be an unsafe journey but you would end up spending several thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you still do decide to continue with your journey, the first thing you’ll notice is the failing brakes. The next thing you’re likely to lose is the function of your tires which might be followed by a failing engine. Once this happens, your car will no longer be safe to drive in so it’s best if you quit while you’re still ahead.

All these combined can lead to fatal accidents that involve not only you but everyone else around you. Failed brakes can render your car unable to stop, it can be life-threatening for the passengers within and the pedestrians outside.

All in all, it is probably a smart idea to use your wrangle for smaller chores. You could, however, transport your empty horse trailer from one location to the other but anything more than that can lead to injuries and avoidable accidents.

What Can My Jeep Wrangler Tow?

Apart from towing horse trailers, there’s a lot that your Jeep Wrangler can do. Jeep Wranglers are capable of towing smaller trailers and campers as well. A pop-up trailer would be ideal since it usually weighs somewhere between 400 to 600 pounds. A small hybrid trailer of about 2000 pounds can also be easily carried. Teardrop trailers are likely to weigh somewhere between 520 to 2500 pounds, so if you decide to get a smaller one, that could work.

Don’t be disheartened though, there are a ton of things your Wrangler can do apart from carrying horse trailers but if you still do wish to get a car that can do this for you, we’d suggest looking at the Grand Cherokee or Gladiator. They have been designed to carry heavier equipment and might just be what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for other SUVS, some suitable options might be the Mitsubishi Shogun, Skoda Kodiaq, or even the Audi Q7.

We advise you to have a look at the manual provided with your car and do your own research to calculate the towing capacity and ensure that you’re not crossing the given limit.

Don’t forget that it all comes down to what you had in mind when buying your Jeep. If you bought it because you love to go explore off-roading trails in your free time, then expecting it to tow heavy loads might be an unrealistic expectation. Taking your time to identify the right Jeep before purchasing one will help you make an informed decision that you don’t regret later.

We wish you and your companions a safe journey, but probably in a different car!

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