Croom Jeep Trails and Off-Road Trails Near Tampa

Jeep driving down Croom off-road trail

Interested in exploring and discovering Croom Wildlife Management Area? You can roam the place via Croom jeep trails.

*WARNING: Before you go out on any trails, please read through my list of essentials here. I could save your life!

After you are done with Croom, there are other nearby trails that you will want to embark on to experience the great outdoors in Tampa, Florida.

Croom Trail

The 16.7 kilometers long Croom jeep trail runs through Croom Wildlife Management Area close to Brooksville, FL. This loop trail has moderate traffic, and the driving difficulty is not too high.

You are free to traverse the trail any time of the year. There are several other outdoor activities that you can indulge in here at Croom besides Jeep riding. For example, horses are also allowed to gallop free on the trail.

Nature lovers will be delighted to know that the Croom trail abounds with wildlife. You will likely see deer and other native wildlife. You might see armadillos and even rattlesnakes, so you should be careful. Large numbers of butterflies grace the area and are a joy to watch.

Make sure that you bring plenty of water along since there does not seem to be a clean source for drinking.

Bear in mind that this place is not suitable for hiking. Forest service bars visitors from hiking since the trail has too many jeeps, ATVs, and motocross bikes.

There is a lot of beautiful scenery surrounding the trail. The area is full of tall pine trees dotting the rolling hills. You will enjoy exploring the dense forest and seeing wildlife along the way.

The sandy trail is an easy ride when it is dry. But when it rains, then the trail can become more challenging. There will be mud-filled holes after rain which require a bit of skill to negotiate. Otherwise, it is a smooth ride.

There is plenty of good shade along the trail, and there aren’t many pests to spoil the fun. You might run into some mud and puddles along the way, but overall, you will be able to finish your trip without too many difficulties.

The Croom Wildlife Management Area lies to the north of Tampa, Florida, at a distance of 55 miles. So if you drive to this place from Tampa, you should take no more than an hour and fifteen minutes to arrive here.

Withlacoochee State Forest

Don’t be put off by the bizarre name. It’s Florida, after all. The truth is that this place has plenty of amenities and facilities for outdoor fun besides jeep riding.

You can pitch your tent at the designated camping spot called the Buttgenbach Mine Campground. Here you will find clean toilets, showers, water outlets, electric connections, and picnic tables. In short, there is plenty of good stuff for recreational activities.

ATVs, OHVs, and dirt bikes are all fine choices for the Croom Motorcycle Area in this state forest, which lies to the north of Tampa. The trail winds through beautiful cypress trees and features plenty of mud bogs. Beginners can start with the easy track inside the Hammock Day Use Area.

You can drive during the day only. Pets are not allowed.

sun setting in Lazy Springs Recreation ParkLazy Springs Recreation Park

Lazy Springs Recreation Park lies to the east of Fort Myers and towards the north of Tampa. This property provides 375 acres of muddy terrain for all your off-road needs.

There is a lot that you can do besides driving your jeep or ATV. There are motocross trails, mud pits, lakes for skiing and fishing, and so much more. Here you are free to indulge in the full range of family fun outdoor activities.

There is plenty of rock and mud in the area to challenge the capabilities of your off-road vehicle.

There is a large variety of terrain to choose from. You can take on hills, water crossings, and even sandy trails depending on your mood. Be sure to try them all.

There is a noise limit of 96 dB plus other safety rules that you will have to observe. However, there is no limit on how wide your vehicle can be, so you can ride your jeep with confidence.

Hog Waller Mud Bog and ATV

Hog Waller is a fun-filled off-road park that is at a 2 hours driving distance from Tampa. You are allowed to ride in your jeep, ATV and UTV. However, 3-wheelers, go-karts, and dirt bikes are not allowed. UTVs and ATVs must carry whip flags for the sake of safety.

In Hog Waller premises, you will find a massive mud bog, lots of water crossings, and a huge network of trails stretching 50 miles. Please note that 4x4s are allowed on certain weekends only so be sure to confirm before arriving at Hog Waller.

Glass bottles and pets are not allowed inside. Amenities include concession stands, restrooms, and campsites. In short, there are plenty of amenities and off-road jeep trails for a fun-filled day of outdoor leisure with your family.

Apalachicola National Forest

Situated northwest of Tampa, Apalachicola National Forest has the Silver Lake Trailhead. It also goes by other names, including Vincent OHV Trailhead, North Oak OHV Trailhead, and Springhill Motorcycle Trailhead.

Here you will, a 100-mile long trail running over dusty flat surfaces. There is plenty of loose sand to ride on in the North Oak. The network of forest trails can become really muddy during the wet season with flooding in some parts.

The place is open to visitors throughout the year.

Osceola National Forest

Osceola National Forest is situated towards the north of Tamp, close to Georgia’s border. This off-road site has more than 200,000 acres of hardwood swamps and pine forests for you to explore. The environment feels quite similar to the Ocala National Forest.

You can ride the 28-mile scenic trail and enjoy other activities in the area. You can drive ATVs, use the separate path for dirt bikes and go horse-riding and hiking as well. So there is plenty to choose from and a lot to do at the Osceola National Forest. Just make sure that you follow the rules for off-road safety.

Big Cypress National Preserve

To reach Big Cypress National Preserve, you will have to drive for around two and a half hours from Tampa. Situated in the south of Florida, the park is open for off-road activities, including mudding and racing. You will need a permit to enter the area. The permit is valid for a year.

Redneck Mud Park

Never mind the name. Redneck Mud Park is a place for some serious off-road fun. If you love mud bogs, you should head over here since this place has some of the best bogs in Florida.

You can reach this place is about 2 hours, driving to the south from Tampa.

Jeepers and 4×4 fans will be glad to know that ATV and other smaller vehicles will not be getting in their way since there are separate designated areas for them. The park has designated areas for camping, mudding, and ATV fun.

Jeep junkies will be further pleased to know that a car wash is available to clean up their vehicle after a full day of fun in the mud bogs. You won’t have to drive out of the park with your vehicle encrusted in thick mud.

Hardrock Off-Road Park

Hardrock Offroad Park lives up to its name. The park rocks hard with its off-road trails that jeep junkies will surely love.

Whatever your skill level, you can be sure of finding a trail that suits your mood. You can select from peewee, sand, vet, and main. The main track is the one to watch out for if you are a seasoned jeep driver looking for serious fun. The track features loamy sections, rocky parts, and drastic elevation changes. Be sure to check this one out if you want to test your jeep to the limit.

You can also head over to the challenging rock garden, wood trails, hare scramble course, and the oval track.

The good news is that jeeps and other OHVs have designated areas so that nothing gets in the way of your fun. So you can drive and ride without worrying about annoying ATVs disrupting your escapade. Other vehicles have their own areas.

The property also sports a wonderful campsite complete with amenities. You can visit this place any time of the year from 10 am to 5 pm.

Cary State Forest Preserve Trail

The 13-kilometer long loop trail is situated in North Florida, close to Bryceville. It’s a 3-hour drive from Tampa. However, the long drive to this off-road destination is worth it, thanks to numerous activities at the park, which is open throughout the year.

Besides off-road thrills, you can indulge in observing wildlife and horse-riding. The trail is not too big, but it poses challenges for avid Jeepers with its waterlogged and muddy spots.

After visiting the best Croom jeep trails, you may want to try out Tampa jeep trails for the best that the Sunshine State has to offer.

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