Ultimate Guide to Jeep Dashboard Symbols

You should be aware of what Jeep dashboard symbols mean. Some of them imply serious trouble. Make sure you refer to your Jeep manual for further information.

If you see any one of the following Jeep dashboard symbols, you should have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer.

Charging System Trouble Lights

This indicates a major problem with the batteries or charging system. You should stop the vehicle immediately since the vehicle might stop running due to this problem. You will likely need roadside assistance. There could be a problem with the batteries, alternator, or both.

Brake Trouble Lights

If the brake trouble lights are on, then there could be a big problem with the brakes on your Jeep. However, this light also switches on when you engage the hand or emergency brakes.

If the brake trouble light switches on and you have not engaged the hand or emergency brake, then you should halt your vehicle and get it checked.

Oil Warning Lights

When the oil level or pressure lights switch on, you must get the oil level checked. A wavy line underneath the oil can show a low oil level. If there is no wavy line, then the oil pressure could be too low.

If on checking, you find that the oil level is fine, then you need to get the oil pump checked and service the engine.

Temperature Warning Indicators

When the temperature warning light switches on, then it means that the engine temperature is far too much. Upon seeing this indicator light, you should stop the vehicle and turn off the engine quickly to allow it to cool down. You can turn the heater on to the highest setting to remove heat more quickly.

Transmission Oil Temperature Indicators

If the transmission oil temperature indicator switches on, the transmission oil temperature is too high. This might lead to transmission failure. Hence, you should take this warning seriously. Allow the transmission to cool down and get the vehicle checked.

Transmission Fault Indicator

These are also called the powertrain or drivetrain problem lights. If this light switches on, it means that there is a problem with the transaxle or automatic transmission. You should get the drivetrain serviced soon.

These lights may be either amber or red. This sign is also the Electric Shift Control System Warning Indicator. If you see this light, you should go to an authorized dealer to have it fixed.

SRS Air Bag Indicator Symbols

These lights are for the Supplemental Restraint System Air Bag indicator. If this light switches on, it means that there is a problem with the airbags, for which you will have to take your vehicle to an authorized dealer.

In vehicles made later, the picture symbol is commonly used in place of the text sign. This may be done to help motorists who don’t speak English.

Power Steering Trouble Light

The electronic power steering system could be having problems. It will become harder to turn the steering wheel.

Anti-Lock Brake System Fault

This could mean that the anti-lock brake system is not working. This problem often transpires due to an ABS wheel speed sensor not working correctly.

If this light is switched on, driving the vehicle may be dangerous. It may take more time for the vehicle to fully halt. The vehicle could also skid with hard braking. This problem could happen if there is snow or rain on the road. Hence, you should get your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer if this light switches on.

Electric Park Brake and Fault Indicators

These symbols could be signs of electric parking brake faults. The circle in brackets symbolizes the brakes. If a fault is detected in the brakes, then this sign will switch on. If this light flashes on, you should have the vehicle checked by an authorized dealer.

Seat Belt Reminder Indicators

The seat belt reminder indicator may switch on if the driver or the passenger towards the driver’s right does not have the seatbelt on. You should buckle up and wear your seat belt if you see these lights.

Door Open and Door Ajar Indicators

If these lights are on, check all doors to ensure that they are fully closed.

Low Coolant Warning Symbols

When these lights turn on, fluid levels are low in the engine cooling system. So when the engine cools down, you should add in enough fluid so that this sign switches off.

But since most cooling systems are sealed, there could be leakage. It is better to have the vehicle serviced by an authorized dealer.

Bottom Line

If you see any warning light on your Jeeps Dashboard, get it checked immediately by an authorized dealer.

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