Steps to Program Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob, Without a Dealer!

Thinking about how to program Jeep Grand Cherokee key fobs? If you want to know the answer to this question, then you should read the simple guide provided below that shows how it’s done.

Key fobs may be seen in many kinds of modern automobiles and vehicles. They are no doubt very convenient. But they can also malfunction at times.

It does not feel good when you can’t access some key fob functions. But after reading this article, you will understand that you can try a few things so that the key fob starts working once more.

In short, you can choose to either manually program the Grand Cherokee key fob. Or you can rely on a programming gadget. You can find DIY solutions and professional ones as well so that your key fob works again or program another one.

You can first have a go by trying the manual steps outlined below. But if that doesn’t work, you can use a DIY or get a professional to fix it for you.

When Will I Need to Program My Key Fob?

There can be several situations where you may have to program your key fob. One such situation transpires when the key fob completely stops working.

If there are signs that the key fob is still functional, then it may be possible for you to program it once more.

This might happen for example, when you switch your key fob battery. This will cause it to lose its programming. You will then have to reset the device. It is better to keep another key fob at hand so that you can use it when the need arises.

Programming a New Fob Key

There are various devices that you can use to program the key fob. Such DIY-style programming devices can get your key fob to work as intended.

Most of them are able to program several key fobs. But once you set up a device to program the key fobs on a specific vehicle, then this device can’t be used for other vehicle model key fobs.

How to Program a Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob on Your Own

Key fobs are programmed by professionals using a certain kind of equipment. However, there exist certain methods of programming the key fob. Here is what you can follow. You will not need any special equipment for these steps.

Step 1- Ensure that your key fob contains a new and fully functional battery. This is important because the programming depends on it.

Step 2- Step inside your vehicle and close each door. All doors must be fully closed; otherwise, this procedure might not solve the problem.

Step 3- Insert the key into the vehicle ignition. Allow it to settle in a position. Don’t start the vehicle, nor should you activate the radio mode.

Step 4- Make sure the key fob is in the “on” placement. You may then press down the lock button. Bring the key backward in the “off” placement. Repeat this process three times.

Step 5- After the end of the 3 cycles, you may be able to hear the locking sound. If you hear it, it means that the key is programmed.

Simple Key Programmer

There are many key fob programming devices that you can use out of the box. You can use one of these key fob devices to program your Grand Cherokee key fob.

The key programmer is one such device that you can put to good use. This device can connect with your vehicle’s computer so that you can program a new key fob. Using this device is easy. You can use it to program about eight key fobs.

It is a very useful tool to keep with you. It will reassure you to rely on this device if your key fob stops working.

Auto ProPad Lite

Professionals use this device for programming key fobs. The Auto ProPad Lite device connects with the computer system of the vehicle and then programs the key fob.

This device can not only program Jeep key fobs, it can do the same for other well-known models. The Auto ProPad Lite is certainly going to be costlier than DIY devices.

Buying this device does not make financial sense if you will be using it just for one vehicle. If you can commit the amount of cash needed for this gadget, then it will help you with programming the key fob of your Jeep Cherokee as well as other vehicles that you own.

What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs are small handheld devices that can allow keyless entry via remote control. All you have to do is to press the right button and you will hear the reassuring sound of the locking mechanism opening. Key fobs use advanced technology to give you the convenience and the security that you want in your vehicle.

Key fobs are examples of advanced technology that a lot of people use without thinking too much about how it actually works.

Here is what you need to know about how key fobs work.

The key fob is a small remote control device that also has an antenna and an RFID chip within it. With the help of radio frequencies, it establishes a communication link with another RFID chip inside a reader device that controls the locking mechanism. The key fob is programmed to transmit particular data that should match with the information that the reader device will accept.

Once the reader device receives correct information, it will open the lock.

Since key fobs are versatile, you can program them to send various commands. For example, you can send a command to open a particular door or to rev up the engine. Key fob devices can execute different commands using assigned buttons.

Key fobs are contained in plastic devices that are tiny enough to fit in your hand. Some key fobs are more like badges since they have to be passed in front of the lock for it to open. Other kinds of key fob devices have more than one button that can transmit certain signals. Buttons can perform differently. Besides opening a door, they can open the trunk for instance.

The most common application of key fobs is for keyless entry in a vehicle via remote control. However, there are several more applications. Key fobs see wide use because they are versatile devices.

Final Thoughts

Key fobs are in wide use for automobiles since they are reliable and secure devices. One important security feature is that if the fob key is lost, you can deactivate it. You cannot do the same for a physical key that is lost.

Of course, there is no denying the exceptional convenience that key fobs provide. At just the press of a button, you can open the car and start it up from a distance without even touching it.

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