Red Jeep Memes – What Was the Fuss About?

Red Jeep

Red Jeep memes have been making      rounds on the internet after a Grand Jeep Cherokee was found stranded on the beach engulfed by huge waves as Hurricane Dorian wrought havoc on the shore.

The Story Behind Red Jeep Memes

The story behind this popular social media news is itself quite amazing.

Nicholas Feliciano received a message from one of his acquaintances that showed an abandoned red Jeep Grand Cherokee on a beach getting hit by high waves.

Much to his chagrin, it did not take too long for Nicholas Feliciano to realize that it was his vehicle.

Just a few weeks back, he had lent it to Joe Farrar, a cousin of his.

Just 2 minutes after the grim realization, he got a knock on his door from the cops who had come to inform him of their discovery of the Jeep.

How Did it Happen?

Joe Farrar, the Red Jeep owner’s cousin who had borrowed the vehicle, was      driving it on the beach to get a good panoramic view of the scenic surroundings      before the hurricane struck.

But much to his dismay, the Jeep was bogged down in the sand where it remained stuck. Joe Farrar desperately contacted towing companies to get help in moving the vehicle away. However, none of them complied with his request. They cited the dangerous conditions created by the imminent Hurricane Dorian and said that the job could not be done before the storm hit.

Meanwhile, another person noticed the vehicle amid high waves abandoned on the beach and immediately contacted the police.

Officers arrived at the scene as mentioned by the police report. However, with the hurricane expected to strike soon, they realized that hauling the vehicle away with a tow truck would be too risky     .

Before cops left the scene, one of them fitted a buoy to the vehicle’s bumper so that finding the vehicle later on would be easier.

Images of the stricken vehicle soon thereafter became a viral sensation and even the subject of news coverage. The local television started airing a live feed of the drama on the beach.

Social media denizens soon composed #DorianJeep messages where they superimposed images of the vehicle on screenshots of “Titanic.” “Castaway” and other such films.

Realizing that the stricken Jeep was garnering much attention on social media as live TV, Timothy Kipp and Joshua Kipp (two brothers living near the beach) decided to bid adieu to the Jeep before it was consumed by the storm.

Joshua Kipp reminisces that while they were having dinner, wouldn’t it be a smart move to give a send-off to the Jeep in its final moments?

When there was a hiatus in heavy rainfall, the duo took bagpipes and started searching for the Jeep.

While Timothy Kipp recorded the video, Joshua Kipp played “Taps” and “Amazing Grace” with his bagpipes.

However, conditions on the beach were far from smooth even during this momentary lull in the storm. Heavy winds were battering the vehicle while the rain fell and sand hit both brothers in the face.

The brothers state that their Red Jeep antics alleviated the stress of enduring Hurricane Dorian which had obliterated areas in the Bahamas and caused scores of deaths.

After being posted on social media, the duo’s bagpipes clip had been shared and seen by thousands. The brothers conceded that it never occurred to them that the video would create a stir on the internet. He said that getting just a few likes was all that he expected at most.

The Jeep was hauled away from the disaster scene around 24 hours after it was left to fend for itself.

Driving on the beach is against the law. Although police did not file charges, they investigated the incident. They also tried to assess how much of its fluids leaked into the sea.

According to Feliciano, the vehicle looked vandalized. The interior was completely ruined and some of the windows were broken.

Due to damage inflicted by the waves, the vehicle was wrecked. It was not known whether Feliciano could file an insurance claim for the said losses.


One touching aspect of the saga is that the incident inspired Feliciano’s relatives to run a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Bahamas victims by capitalizing on the Red Jeep meme popularity. Proceeds collected thus had all been given to UNICEF.

The page states that the loss of the vehicle is paltry in comparison to the loss of life and property that the Bahamas had to withstand. It aims to provide charity for those who require it. All those who made memes were thanked as well as the bagpipe players.

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Thankfully, the Red Jeep has not been scrapped like many thought it would be. It is said to be back in the owner’s home where it is kept under covers.

The question is: it was all nice and fun, but did anything worthwhile come out of it this dramatic episode?

Thanks to the foresight of the owner and his family, a lot of good came out of this internet saga.

The family could have chosen to cash in on the ensuing popularity and sympathy to raise funds for a replacement vehicle. Instead, they chose to raise funds for the Bahamas where more than 60 individuals were killed and entire areas ruined by the powerful gale.

Viewers across the world saw live images of the red Jeep being rocked and battered by unrelenting high waves. The family that owned the Red Jeep is now appealing to these viewers to donate. But it’s not for themselves. It’s for the victims of the Bahamas, where the gale wrought death, devastation, and misery.

The family thoughtfully pointed out that their loss, although substantial, is paltry in comparison to the chaos and mayhem wreaked in the Bahamas by the unrelenting storm.

Seeing the popularity of red Jeep memes and how they were taking the internet by storm so as to speak, they thought it would be a nice idea to cash in on this fine opportunity to bring some solace to the victims of the devastation in the Bahamas.

So what initially looked like a goofy internet spectacle has now morphed into a serious fundraising event.

Proceeds from the donations will be forwarded to UNICEF. The charity provided thus is fully tax-deductible. The money will go to the Bahamas government which is trying to remediate the extensive damage and losses.

Internet denizens got to enjoy a fantastic sight of the stolid Jeep, standing in defiance of Hurricane Dorian. Now that the drama is over, the Jeep has been hauled off the beach.

It is heartwarming to see that the family responded positively to all those who made some truly intriguing Red Jeep memes. In particular, they thanked the brothers who played bagpipes in front of the Jeep to see it off. All this might seem frivolous but it has been instrumental in the success of the subsequent charity drive.

It is great to see the family remaining upbeat and keeping a brave face in front of this loss. And most importantly, for thinking about the losses of others first.

Bottom Line

In the wake of the hilarious Red Jeep meme, the world has witnessed an altruistic charity drive that will restore your faith in humanity.

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