How to Remove Jeep Soft Top, Without Special Tools!

Removing the soft top from a Jeep is not that difficult. You just need to know what you are doing. Remember no special tools are not required for this task.

The following article will show you how to take out the Jeep soft top using just your hands.

Steps to Remove Soft Top of a Two Door Jeep

Removing the soft top from a 2-door Jeep is easier than doing it on a 4-door Jeep. The chassis of the 2-door is more compact. Hence the soft top is smaller. Here is how you can remove the soft top from a 2-door Jeep.

Release Header Latches

You must first unclip the sun visors from your 2-door Jeep. After removing the sun visors, get the header latches released by raising them from loops fastened with the windshield frame.

Remove Quarter Windows

You now have to detach the quarter windows from the Jeep. You can unzip them from the exterior. Ensure that the windows remain the right way up to avoid scratches and creases.

Detach the Back Window

You should now remove the window at the back of the Jeep. You will find the zipper towards the right. Unzip it by pulling it towards the left. Make sure that the rear window remains safe.

Remove the Rear Sail Flaps

Your next step is to remove the sails flap towards the back. Pull them off from the corner towards the rear. After they are released, you can have them folded by rolling them back towards the soft top.

Detach the Soft Top

Look towards the sides of your front seats. You will find latch pedals placed on top of door jams. Locate these latch pedals and press them to release the side bows. You can now take out the soft top from your Jeep.

Steps to Remove Soft Top from a 4-Door Jeep

The steps for removing the soft top from a 4 door Jeep are largely the same as what you have to do for the 2-door Jeep. However, there are additional steps that you must know of.

Take Out the Rear Window

You should start with the header latches. To uncover the header latches, you should unclip the sun visors and then remove them.

When you find the header latches, get them released. At this point, you should not detach the fasteners of the frame that is on the windscreen.

The next step involves moving the swing gate of the vehicle. Pull up the sail panels so that they are at a distance of 3 inches from the Jeep body. This step is necessary for pulling out the 4-bow.

You should take out the rear window retainers that are on the swing gate bar brackets. Once that is done, turn your attention towards the passenger side to begin unzipping the window.

When you do this, you will gain access to the swing gate bar. You can remove it by rotating it upwards and pulling it so that it moves upwards from the brackets. Keep the bar in a safe place.

Remove the Jeep Quarter Window

Taking out the quarter window is an easy job. You should begin by pulling the Velcro flaps on the rear and top. When you do this, you will have access to the zipper that is located in the corner towards the bottom. You can now unzip the window.

Once the window is unzipped, you will be able to look at the body side retainer and the door rail. Give a light pull to have them released.

The quarter window of the Jeep may now be removed. Repeat these same steps on the other side. Keep the windows in a safe place where they will not be broken or scratched.

Removing the Jeep Soft Top

No special tools are required for this task. You can do this using just your hands. Detach the panel retainers located on the bottom rear sail. You can do this by focusing on the material that covers the 4-bow. Pull it down.

Now detach the leader hatches that are located on the windshield frame.

After doing this, hold the header and 2-bow tightly. Now lift the top towards the back of the Jeep.

You can access this part more easily if there is another helper nearby.

You can fold the top material like an accordion. The plastic retainers will be left in a zig-zag shape. You may now place the header on the deck towards the rear of the vehicle.

You should remember to first open up the swing gate towards the rear before you start lowering the top. This will help you to avoid damaging the centrally placed brake lamp.

You should now press down the latch pedal. This will release bows that are placed on the sides. You should now detach the top with a push towards the back.

With a firm grasp over the side and two bows, you can slide the top rearwards.

You can think of keeping all parts inside so that they remain safe and within easy reach. This will help you a lot if you want to put the soft top on your vehicle once more.

Take Out the Soft Top

You can remove the soft top by removing the straps that are located on the rear of the vehicle. Doing this, you can bring it towards the back of your Jeep.

The soft top is now finally removed. You will now have an open roof on your head.

Store all parts of the soft top in a safe place where they will not be exposed to the elements.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to remove the jeep soft top completely. No special tool is required for this job, just a little knowledge, and you are done!

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