The 9 Best Alabama OHV Trails for Jeeps and 4x4s

If you’re looking for a challenging Jeep or 4×4 trail to conquer, Alabama is the place to be. With plenty of trails scattered throughout the state, there’s something for everyone, regardless of your skill level or vehicle type.

I’ve gone off-roading in North and South Carolina, San Diego, The Rockies, Mississippi, and Florida. Each has its own challenge when it comes to terrain. Alabama’s great because there are plenty of easy trails for beginners yet still an abundance of more difficult trails for the experienced.

Drivers not only have the opportunity to discover fantastic trails, but they also have the opportunity to explore scenic mountain ranges, mud holes that are as deep as they are horrid, trees that cover thousands of miles of land, rivers, valleys, and basically anything you could possibly imagine. Plan a day or a long weekend, you’re sure to fall in love with Alabama all over again!

If you’re looking for the best Alabama OHV trails for jeeps and 4x4s, look no further! I’ve put together a list of nine of the best trails in the state, based on my own personal experiences.

The 9 Best Alabama OHV Trails for Jeeps and 4x4s

  1. Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park
  2. Talladega National Forest
  3. Stoney Lonesome OHV Park
  4. Campington Ridge Road
  5. Morris Mountain ORV Park
  6. Kentuck OHV Trailhead
  7. Northern Talladega National Forest
  8. Flint Creek
  9. Southern Ridge ATV Park

Scenic view from the top of a Jeep Trail in Alabama

From scenic mountain ranges to mud holes and everything in between, these nine trails are sure to get your heart racing.

Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park – Tombstone

Within the Choccolocco Trail is another short route by the name of Tombstone. Though the trail only covers 1 mile, it is steep and has a difficult, rocky terrain. On its own though, the park covers about 450 acres of forest land with plenty of different trails to try.

Following a color-coded system, the trails can range from 1-10 in terms of difficulty so it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you will most likely find something to do. The tombstone trail itself ranges between 4-7 in regards to difficulty and is categorized as adequate in comparison to other trails in the park. Adventure is all you’re going to find here. Pack your bags and let’s get started.

Off-road river crossing at the Talladega National Forest OHV trailTalladega National Forest 600-1

If easy to moderate is what you’re looking for in terms of terrain then this is one for the books. Extending over 14 miles, the trails take about 2 hours to cover from end to end. Any Southeastern traveler will tell you the tales of Tallageda National Forest, trailing the ridgeline of Horns Mountain, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Visitors can go all the way to the top of the peak and experience scenic views. Well-maintained roads allow for all vehicles to pass by comfortably so you can be sure to not come across too many obstacles.

Off-roaders in search of a close-to-nature voyage can find pine and hardwood trees along their route in addition to surreal views of mountains and valleys. As it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, drivers have the opportunity to come across the actual fire lookout tower on top of the mountain.

All in all, there are activities for everyone. Kids, families, and off-roaders are all bound to find something that interests them along these trails.

Stoney Lonesome OHV Park

As the first public OHV park to exist in Alabama, Stoney Lonesome is quite popular amongst the masses. Expanding over 1456 acres, this park has a lot to offer. Obstacle courses, rock climbing, mud, and plenty of trails for the adventurers can be found here.

The best feature of the park is that tourists can plan for a long weekend when heading over. The park offers cabins, saunas, housing facilities, and RV’s. It doesn’t have to be a weekend alone, bring your whole family – there are lots of activities for everyone.

Since the park spreads across a vast area, we advise all visitors to carry maps or GPS tracking devices. There is a small chance you might get lost so just be smart and vigilant. Lastly, make sure to take a quick look at their website to find out about the fees and any events happening before you go.

Campington Ridge Road

Found in the heart of Calhoun County, Campington Ridge Road is an incredible short trail. It’s clearly reachable and located just minutes away from Oxford or Anniston. Drivers can expect to see lush routes on their way, from vistas to fully covered forests spreading over 9000 acres of mountain sanctuary. Yes, the trail is located in the center of Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge. So, you can expect to find former remnants of the military base. Isn’t that amazing?

Apart from these features, you are likely to come in contact with parts of the Choccolocco Mountain and some nice views from around the mountain. If you’re looking to take a break from city life and immerse yourself in nature, then this should definitely make it to the top of your list.

Morris Mountain ORV Park

Located east of Birmingham in Delta, Alabama, this park was created by off-road enthusiasts Kris and Randy who solely created the park for thrill-seekers alike to experience the adventure at a reasonable price. They felt it was challenging to find a good spot for adventurers where they could avail themselves of the maximum opportunity to have fun. Thus, visitors can find plenty to do – from mud pits, canyons, trails, and campgrounds, you can find it all.

However, before you go make sure to check whether they’re open. They are usually accommodating visitors on the second and fourth weekend of every month with a small fee to enter. Plan your weekend accordingly, we know you’ll fall in love with this park.

Kentuck OHV Trailhead

If you have the wheels, then head on over to this trail. Designed for off-road enthusiasts, these trails welcome vehicles of all sorts. Have an ATV, 4×4, bicycle, or mountain bike? Bring it along, we’re sure you’ll need it. Riders looking for smoother trails can alternate between 4 different loops that cover over 23 miles.

These have a few obstacles and bumps, but overall the ride is fairly leveled. There is the option of trying more complex trails, with added obstacles, steeper terrains, narrow turns, and a moderately bumpier ride. Visitors can also find grounds for camp and set up for a long adventure-filled weekend.

Talladega National Forest – FR500

Located in the north, the Talladega National Forest Road 500 is a well-maintained trail for those looking for something relatively simpler and easier. The trail runs for about 24 miles, starting from the town of Heflin, specifically Country Road 281, and going all the way to Duggar Mountain. On the way, off-roaders can expect to catch a glimpse of the Choccolocco Mountain as well as their Wildlife Management Area.

You’re bound to have a great time with numerous lakes, lush forests, and copious amounts of connecting trails. We recommend grabbing a camera, you’ll definitely need it to capture the sceneries and memories as you ride through the Talladega National Forest.

Flint Creek

Flint Creek is located in the Bankhead National Forest and is open to motorcycles, ATVs, hikers, horseback riders, and Jeeps.

The 16-mile trail is considered an easy to moderate trail and offers stunning views of the surrounding areas. You’ll enjoy plenty of banked sweeping turns and winding trails. There’s an entry fee of $3 per vehicle that is definitely worth it.

ATV rental at Southern Ridge OHV ParkSouthern Ridge ATV Park

Southern Ridge ATV Park is a massive park with trails over 1000 acres of land. There are also over 100 RV hookups and primitive camping spots. I would rate the trails at Southern Ridge as moderate to difficult.

You can take your jeep for a spin on one of the many trails that take you through creeks, up and down mountains, and along ridgelines. The views are absolutely fantastic!

Final Thoughts

Now that the bucket list is ready, it’s time to get exploring. Before you head out though, make sure you grab a map, a camera, and all your gear to make the trip perfect. Also, be sure to have a look at the rules and regulations, they may differ from trail to trail. Lastly, some trails also restrict the allowed mods on their trails and some even require you to pay a small fee to access them, so have a look at the prices and set aside a sum to cover all these trips!

We wish you a safe journey and happy Jeeping!

Mark Anders

I love my Jeep and will share my years of knowledge with you here! Stay with me and read on!

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