The 22 Best Off-Road Jeep Trails in Missouri

Looking for the best Jeep trails in Missouri?

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Missouri boasts plenty of rocky terrains as well as mud and sand. Hence, you can embark on a Missouri Jeep track for an exhilarating and memorable off-road adventure.

Missouri stands out as the ideal place for off-road driving. You can find all sorts of tracks with varying difficulty levels ranging from easy to tough routes.

*WARNING: Before you go out on any trails, please read through my list of essentials here. I could save your life!

Not only that, but you can also enjoy the best that Missouri has to offer –  captivating view, splendid vistas, and gorgeous natural scenery.

Here Are the 22 Best Jeep Trails in Missouri

1. Potawatomi Off-road Park

This off-road park is situated in Fulton. Potawatomi off-road park accepts 4×4 vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

There are various trails with different levels of difficulty. Hence, there is plenty for everyone, from novice drivers to experienced off-road enthusiasts.

Potawatomi off-road park is among the finest that you will find in Missouri. There is a wide range of wood trails, hill climbs, mud pits, creek beds, and other natural terrains.

2. Southern Missouri Off-road Ranch

Southern Missouri Off-road ranch has plenty of nice trails where you can experience the thrill of conquering challenging terrain. Its trails are well-mapped, so you will have an easy time navigating them.

This is a fine place for your next Jeep adventure.

However, there is more to it than an off-road park. You will find wonderful campsites for nature-lovers together with shower facilities and all sorts of amenities.

3. Vandyz Off-road Park

Off-road fans who want to drive their vehicles on challenging tracks against a background of great scenic beauty will want to experience Vandyz off-road park.

This is a splendid place to spend the weekend. You can come with your family here for plenty of relaxation and leisure.

The trail allows all kinds of vehicles. Drivers of all skill levels can have a go at this park since its trails vary in difficulty ranging from simple to grueling.

4. Brick’s Off-road Park

There was a time when Brick’s off-road park was actually a farm owned by a family. However, its owners decided to turn this farm into an off-road park. This turned out to be a prudent decision since this is a well-known off-road park.

The park allows a variety of vehicles, including 4x4s, dirt bikes, buggies, and ATVs.

There are quite a few off-road enthusiasts who feel that Brick’s is among the finest off-road parks in the US. The terrain is ideal for off-road adventuring. The spectacular lush green ambiance features creaks, hills, and fields.

Ride difficulty varies, so you can choose to go for an easy leisurely ride or a grueling off-road challenge.

5. Mark Twain National Forest

Mark Twain National Forest features 125 miles long OHV trails. Riding your Jeep through these tracks is a great way to experience the pristine beauty of this national forest.

Besides Jeep, you can also ride an off-road bike, UTV, or ATV.

Ensure that you read and understand all rules and comply with them while in Mark Twain National Park.

6. Blue Springs Ranch

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the splendid off-road trails that Blue Springs Ranch has to offer. This ranch should be on your list of destinations

Since there are trails of all skill levels in Blue Springs Ranch, all kinds of drivers can head over to this off-road site and ride on a trail that matches their skill level.

There is so much to explore at Blue Springs Ranch. Trails run through hilly terrain that has plenty of trees. Taken together, 60 tracks cover around 300 miles.

So no matter what your skill level is, you can have plenty of fun at this off-road ranch even if you are a beginner.

7. Rush Springs Ranch

Rush Springs Ranch not only has plenty of Jeep trails, but it also has comprehensive camping amenities. Hence, you can go camping here if you want some other outdoor activity in addition to off-road driving.

This place remains open throughout the year. You can discover the most beautiful terrain by traveling along 40 miles of off-road tracks in Rush Springs Ranch.

Anyone who has experienced this ranch will certainly want to come here again.

8. Moonlight Racing Off-road Park

Moonlight Racing Off-road Park is a popular off-road destination in the state of Missouri close to Richwoods. Although trails here are just 12 miles in length, a big advantage is that they usually have light traffic. Hence, you go off-road driving without any hindrances.

9. Saint Joe State Park

As its name implies, Saint Joe State Park is part of a national park. Thanks to the quality of its trails, the park is well-known as an attractive destination for off-road enthusiasts.

There is plenty to explore and discover here at this park since it is spread over 2,000 acres. This is the place to be if you covet off-road fun.

10. Chadwick OHV Trail

At the Chadwick OHV trail, you can embark on tracks stretching 80 miles long. Hence there is a lot to see at this off-road destination.

Besides interesting tracks, you can relish viewing the fantastic natural surroundings. There is wildlife to be seen here, rock formations, and springs.

While you are marveling at the idyllic sights and sounds of this beautiful natural landscape, you might even spot a black bear or two.

11. Sugar Camp Scenic Byway

You can drive through Sugar Camp Scenic Byway to enjoy splendid vistas of pristine, enchanting forest, grasslands, and farms. This place has around 8 miles of track lined with diverse foliage.

12. Washita OHV Trail

There are plenty of mud bogs here that stretch over 20 miles. Although this is a really great off-road site to visit, there is one drawback – it is open on certain dates only. To know when it is open for you, you can go and visit their Facebook page, where you will be able to find an opening schedule.

Be warned that this track is not for the faint of heart. The difficulty here is hard, so make sure that you have the off-road driving prowess to tackle these challenging tracks. The toughest challenge by far happens to be the Bald Knob peak which measures over 1,300 feet.

13. Flat Nasty Off-road Park

Despite its bizarre name, Flat Nasty off-road park can suit all skill levels with its terrific off-road tracks. You can find a variety of terrain in these parts. The difficulty here ranges from simple to medium.

This beautiful park features beautiful woodlands and dry creeks. This makes for spectacular viewing. A variety of vehicles are allowed to enter this park.

14. Smurfwood Trails

Smurfwood is one of the finest off-road parks in the state of Missouri. Here you can enjoy a variety of rides. This beautiful getaway is located towards the northeast of Missouri. Here, you can test your skills on 20 miles of tracks.

Thanks to hill-climbs, bridges, mud pits, wood trails, and beautiful scenic vistas, this is a wonderful place to drive. The trails are maintained quite well. The lush green scenery is a joy to behold. Nature lovers will definitely admire this beautiful place.

15. Hooter Holler Off-road Park

Hooter Holler Off-road park is a fun-filled place suitable for families that like off-road adventures. This park is wonderful for experts and beginners alike.

There are varying difficulty levels, so you are bound to find a few tracks that match your driving skill. There is a dirt course, motocross tracks, ponds, and mud pits.

Hooter Holler is a good choice if you are searching for a good off-road driving site. Not only does it have great tracks, it is also full of amenities that will serve your family well. There are well-maintained camping grounds and parking lots on flat grass. You can even go swimming in its creeks.

16. Soggy Bottom MX Park

Soggy Bottom MX park was recently established in Missouri. This is an exhilarating destination for off-road fanatics. Tracks here are well-maintained, and they are spread over 1,100 acres.

Not too long ago, owners of this private property built new trails over 40 miles long, including a single track open to dirt bikes.

17. Midwest Extreme Park

The Midwest Extreme Park lives up to its name, offering challenging trails spread across 3,500 acres. Since this park is absolutely massive, there is so much to do here and lots to discover.

18. Kasper OHC Park

At Kasper OHC Park, you can test your off-road driving skills by tackling exciting tracks spread across 125 acres of creeks, mud pits, and wood trails. Needless to say, you will enjoy a thrilling off-road experience at this park. OHV vehicles of all sorts are allowed to ride its trails. There is also a camping area.

19. Flat Nasty Off-road Park

This off-road adventure park has trails going through 800 acres of woodland. All kinds of riders can have fun here.

It is among the top choices for off-road driving in Missouri.

Not only is it a great site for off-road fun, but there are also areas where you can go camping while savoring the spectacular vistas of the Ozark Mountains. You can even try primitive camping here. There is also a modern bedroom in a log cabin where you can find amenities if you are not into primitive camping.

20. Finger Lakes State Park

Here at the Finger Lakes State Park, you can try off-road driving in ATVs and motorbikes. There was a time when this place was a coal mine. But now, it is a well-known off-road site featuring exciting motocross tracks and trails for various vehicles.

Outdoors enthusiasts can go off-road driving through 70 miles of tracks. Several other attractions will interest outdoors enthusiasts like fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, and swimming. At Finger Lakes, you can find spectacular natural scenes, hilly terrain, and a sprawling campsite.

21. Cloud 9 Club Ranch

Cloud 9 Club Ranch is the place to be for nature-loving families that like off-road driving and exploring the great outdoors.

There are plenty of meadows, forests as well as rolling hills.

There are also half a dozen campsites at Cloud 9 Club Ranch, where you can avail yourself of the whole gamut of modern facilities, including cozy cabins.

22. Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch – Guard Rail

Guard Rail is a good choice for your next off-road trip since it boasts myriad trails against a stunning natural backdrop. It has all that you will need for an exciting off-road trip.

Bottom Line

We hope you have an idea now about various Jeep trails in Missouri where you can embark on a thrilling off-road adventure. Get started!

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