The 9 Best Jeep Wrangler Carpet Alternatives

Your Jeep Wrangler is designed to go off-road; however, the carpeted floors are not. If you have ever stepped out of your car on a muddy off-road trail to take in the view, only to get back in to have your carpet turn muddy beyond belief, we feel your pain.

Over time, carpets wear out and get dirty. Beaten down by the elements, tough stains, and daily wear-and-tear; it is time to consider an alternate replacement for your flooring.

I’ve tried every alternative material available for replacement flooring in my Wrangler. From the most advanced rubber mats to running without carpet, I have tried them all.

In this article, I will share what I have learned about the most common Wrangler carpet alternatives.

Dirty floor mats of a Jeep WranglerThe 9 Best Carpet Alternatives for Your Jeep Wrangler

  1. Run Carpetless
  2. Vinyl Flooring
  3. Floor Mats
  4. Rubber Mats
  5. Fabric Mats
  6. 3D Mats
  7. Protective Coating
  8. Spray Foam
  9. Linoleum

Let me explain a little more about each of these options and why you might want to consider them for your Jeep Wrangler.

1. Run Carpetless

Removing the carpet altogether is something that some car owners do to enjoy the feel of their vehicle. However, it’s mostly done in racecars as a weight reduction technique, and might not be the right option for you.

The carpet muffles a lot of road noise and the sound of metal rattling as you drive over bumps while also protecting the paint of the floor. If you plan on removing the carpet from your car, you will have to deal with the added noise and be careful about damaging the paint.

Carpets also help maintain the ideal temperature within your car. If you live in an area where you need to use the heating or cooling system at maximum efficiency, driving carpetless might not be the right choice for you.

Clean vinyl Jeep floor mats2. Vinyl Flooring

Perfect for anyone who enjoys off-roading, vinyl floors are made of durable PVC that repels moisture and dirt. Vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance option that you can clean quickly and easily. Since vinyl doesn’t stain, you don’t have to worry about spills like you would if your car were carpeted.

You can choose your favorite vinyl color to customize your car’s cabin and match it up with aftermarket upholstery to make your car look unique. Vinyl is an excellent material if you live in a rainy area, visit the beach with your car often, or hit the off-road trails and make photo stops.

The downside to vinyl flooring is that it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. If moisture gets trapped under it, your car can start rusting. Some people also dislike the smell of PVC flooring, so you should be wary about that before committing to it.

Installing PVC flooring requires all 4 seats to be removed and skill to avoid any errors during installation. It is always better to hire an experienced professional to install the flooring.

3. Floor Mats

If you want to keep your carpet intact and keep your Wrangler stock, then investing in floor mats is a good option. Available in a range of materials and color options, you can almost always find mats that suit your preferences.

Rubber floor mats clean easier than carpet4. Rubber Mats

Protect your car with rubber mats! These are anti-slip and come with locks that attach to your car’s floor. These are available in multiple colors to match your car’s interior and choose the thickness that works for you. Due to their ruggedness, rubber mats last longer and are among the cheapest flooring options in the long run.

Thicker rubber mats provide better road noise isolation but look bulky and add more weight to your car. Rubber mats easily wash off and dry quickly compared to preinstalled carpets and prevent liquids from soaking into the car’s floor.

You can also consider investing in complete rubber flooring, but doing so might not be ideal because the added weight can affect off-roading performance.

5. Fabric Mats

Preserve your car’s aesthetic by installing fabric mats. Although they do have the same problems as the car’s carpet, they are easier to remove and clean.

Fabric mats are the cheapest mats available and blend in with your car’s carpet. Most of them have rubberized backs to prevent them from slipping.

6. 3D Mats

The best aftermarket mats are 3D mats. They are minimalistic and are made for your car specifically to give it the perfect fit, which means that they look good and don’t slip.

These mats are named 3D due to their tray-like construction. With raised ridges, these mats trap any dirt and prevent it from reaching the car’s carpet.

To get rid of the dirt, you simply lift the mat out and clean it. The ridges prevent any dirt from falling on your carpet while you’re removing the mat.

7. Protective Coating

If you’re looking to go for the minimalist route, investing in polymer protective coating kits might be the best option. These kits are sold for car interiors and truck beds alike and protect them from scuffs, chips, and moisture.

Most protective coats cover the floor with a rubber coating, thereby creating a waterproof layer to prevent rust. These coatings also reduce road noise and act as excellent insulators against heat.

Rubber coating your car’s floor also lasts longer than other materials due to its flexibility, reducing wear and impact damage. If you plan to drive off-road without doors, rubber is a better material as it remains grippy even when wet, making it one of the best Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives.

Protective coatings are available as sprays and roll-ons; however, having a professional install the coating is recommended to ensure the best result.

8. Spray Foam

Wranglers are far from being the quietest cars on the streets, but spray foam is an excellent option if you want to dampen some of the noise. Installing spray foam is also straightforward and foolproof as the spray flows and adapts to the shape of the car’s floor for a seamless look.

As an excellent insulator, spray foam not only reduces the decibel level in your car’s cabin but also acts as a weather shield by preventing heat transfer between the interior flooring and the outside air.

Due to its versatile nature, you can apply spray foam in other areas of your car other than the floor:

  • Wheel Wells: Most cabin noise from the road comes in through the wheels. By applying spray foam on the wheel wells, you can block out most of the road noise.
  • Roof: Prevent air noise and beat the heat. Add an extra layer of insulation for improved climate control efficiency.
  • Hood: Reduce engine noise by applying spray foam under the hood. Doing so also reduces heat transfer to the hood, which prolongs the paint’s life.
  • Doors: As your car ages, the doors may start rattling. Add a layer of spray foam to cushion the door frame.

9. Linoleum

Cars pre-dating the 1940s had thick linoleum flooring that was extremely durable. If you own a classic car or want to give your Wrangler a vintage feel, you should consider linoleum flooring.

Despite its excellent sound and temperature insulation, linoleum is not commonly used in cars due to its brittle nature under cold conditions and tends to scratch.

What Flooring Should You Choose?

If you go off-road often, you should consider replacing the factory carpet on your Wrangler. However, many people like to keep their cars in stock condition, and we have tips for you too!

Staying Stock

Some people place temporary cardboard, plastic, or thick glossy paper sheets in their car’s cabin when they plan to go offroad. While this does the job to some extent, it is not a sustainable solution because you must keep replacing these materials after every use.

For anyone who wants to preserve their car in its factory condition, buying rubber or plastic mats is an excellent choice because both materials are waterproof and prevent damage to the car’s original carpet.

If you do not go off-roading often or stay in your car with the windows rolled up the whole time, then you could probably get away with using fabric and 3D mats, but we won’t recommend it. After all, your Wrangler is designed for off-roading, and you should enjoy it. Rubber is the most durable, so it offers the best value in the long run.


Maybe you’re all about that auto modification life and bought a Wrangler due to the incredible aftermarket support that it offers. Well, in that case, you are probably an off-road enthusiast and want your car to look unique and perform as well as possible.

We recommend getting vinyl flooring or investing in a protective rubber coating. While rubber flooring is more expensive than vinyl, its expected life is over three decades and in this way, it tends to pay for itself.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to your personal preferences. Some people enjoy driving barefoot and prefer the carpet flooring their cars have, while others want something different.

If you aren’t too bothered by the maintenance of the stock carpet needs, there’s no harm in keeping it. Every material has its pros and cons, and how important each factor is varies depending on what matters to you.

This was our roundup for the best Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives. If you have any questions, you can contact our team by clicking here. We would be more than happy to help!

Mark Anders

I love my Jeep and will share my years of knowledge with you here! Stay with me and read on!

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