How Much Can a Jeep Patriot Tow? What You Need to Know!

If you are planning on towing a trailer with your Jeep Patriot, then you should know about the maximum capacity that your vehicle can withstand. If you go beyond the specified capacity, then this could be detrimental for your Jeep. Make sure that you strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before towing a trailer with your Jeep Patriot.

It is not that simple to get a quick answer for the towing capacity, because different models have different capacities. And that’s not all. Towing capacity may not be the same even if it is the same model but different trims.

If you own a Jeep Patriot then you may be interested in knowing how much it can safely tow.

How Much Can a Jeep Patriot Tow?

The towing capacity for the last model Jeep Patriot is 1,000 pounds. However, this same model can increase its towing capacity to 2,000 pounds if you include the towing package.

Now that you are better aware of the Jeep Patriot’s towing capacity, there may be other related questions on your mind.

For example, you may want to know the towing capacity is estimated. And you would definitely like to know if the towing capacity can safely be increased. And of course, you should be aware of the consequences if you exceed the towing capacity that the manufacturer has specified.

You will find all the answers in the simple guide below.

Towing Package for Jeep Patriot

The towing capacity of the Jeep Patriot is fairly modest at 1,000 pounds. This is no good for towing trailers. Fortunately, there is a way that you can take the towing capacity to twice this amount.

The tow package for the Jeep Patriot can help you to increase your vehicle’s towing capacity to 2,000 pounds.

But how does the towing package manage to substantially improve the towing capabilities of the Jeep Patriot?

Here is how it works.

Engine Oil Cooler

A key add-on that helps the Jeep Patriot substantially boost its towing capacity is the oil cooler for the engine. Think of this cooler as an extra radiator. Hence, the oil cooler can keep your engine and oil within the safe temperature limit when the engine is generating maximum power.

You will of course understand that if you are towing 2,000 pounds of extra weight, then your engine will have to work much harder and will generate much more heat. This extra amount of heat can take the oil and engine temperatures to levels that can be damaging.

If the engine heats up to a temperature higher than the safe limit, then this can result in damage to various parts. For example, the transmission or the drive train might be damaged. And if the temperature goes even higher then engine parts may begin to deform and warp. If that happens, then irreversible damage may be done to critical engine parts.

So if you want to tow in excess of 1,000 pounds with your Jeep Patriot, then you must see to it that an engine oil cooler is installed. To remain safe, you should have the engine oil cooler inspected by a good mechanic to make sure that it is working properly.

Full-Size Spare Wheel

A full-size spare wheel may not increase the towing limit of your Jeep Patriot. But it will make you less worried in the event of a tire puncture. It will give you a lot of reassurance if you have installed the towing package to your Jeep Patriot.

The trouble with commonly-available spare tires is that they are not suitable for speeds above 50 mph and there is a much lower limit on how much you can drive with such tires.

Trailer Tow Wire Harness

It won’t increase your Jeep Patriot’s towing capacity. However, it can provide you with an important function that will prove to be very useful.

You can use this wire harness to link your trailer’s lights with the electrical system of the Jeep Patriot. Hence, the turn signal and brake lights of your trailer will be in sync with the turn signal and brake lights of your Jeep Patriot. That is, the turn signal and brake lights on your trailer will switch on and off at the same time as that of your Jeep Patriot.

How is the Vehicle Towing Capacity Determined?

The simplest definition of towing capacity is that it is the maximum weight that your Jeep Patriot can tow safely when a trailer is attached to it. To estimate the maximum weight that the vehicle can tow safely, the manufacturer has to assess a number of points.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The gross vehicle weight rating is the vehicle’s maximum weight which includes passengers as well as the cargo that is carried in the vehicle itself. It does not include the weight of the connected trailer or the cargo that the trailer is carrying.

Gross Combined Weight Rating

As the name implies, the gross combined weight rating equals the weight of the vehicle (together with the weight of the cargo and passengers on board the vehicle) plus the weight of the trailer (including the weight of the cargo that the trailer is carrying).

Gross Axle Weight

Gross axle weight refers to the maximum weight that an axle on your Jeep Patriot can safely withstand.

Tongue Weight

Tongue weight is the size of the downward weight acting on the trailer’s tongue. This amount will vary according to positioning the cargo inside the trailer. It is not too hard to realize that the tongue’s downward force will be more if you put the cargo closer to the tongue.

Curb Weight

The vehicle’s curb weight is when the vehicle is empty. That is, there are no passengers or cargo on board.

Dry Weight

This is the vehicle’s weight without fluids, passengers, or cargo.


The maximum weight that a vehicle can safely carry onboard is known as the vehicle’s payload. As a result, the payload will entail both the weights of the cargo as well as passengers.

To understand the towing capacity, it is necessary to include the trailer’s weight itself and also the cargo’s weight that you have put on the trailer.

If the trailer’s weight is greater than the gross vehicle weight rating, then you mustn’t tow that trailer with your vehicle.

To estimate the towing capacity, you should consider the gross combined weight rating. You should deduct the total weight of the onboard cargo, passengers, and the vehicle itself. The number you get is what you can tow safely. If you do this, you will soon find out that keeping less than the payload amount on your trailer is the only way to stay within the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

Increasing the Towing Capacity of the Jeep Patriot

You mustn’t go beyond the maximum weight rating specified by the manufacturer. However, there are a few modifications that you can make to your Jeep so that it can better withstand the weight that it has to carry.

You can think of installing stronger shock absorbers on your Jeep Patriot. The axles are also more essential than the shock absorbers. You can heavy-duty axles that have a better weight rating.

Bottom Line

Without the towing package, the Jeep Patriot can tow 1,000 pounds. But with the towing package, the Jeep Patriot’s towing capacity can go up to 2,000 pounds. We hope this article satisfies your concern.

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